Inspiration in five answers. Get to know Emory scholars during 2O36: The Platform.

In these monthly master classes, Emory experts take on fear, belonging, identity, the gifts of athletics, the future of the Supreme Court, and more. These informal, intimate videos will give you a glimpse inside the Emory experience. Recapture the feeling of college learning without the exams.


Unconventional Journey to Nursing

Portrait of Roxana Chicas

When she was only 4, Roxana Chicas 16N 20G crossed the Rio Grande on her mother’s shoulders, seeking a better life in the United States. Today she is a nurse scientist at Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing. Along the way, she found inspiration from her mom, community, and a doctor she worked for. She’s researching the effects of record-breaking heat on farm workers and offering solutions to keep them safe. And that’s just one way she’s advocating for Latinx communities.


The Psychology of Fear

Portrait of Ken Carter

Haunted houses. Scary movies. Skydiving. They’re not for everybody. Even Ken Carter 87Ox 89C—an expert in the science behind why some people seek thrills—doesn’t enjoy being scared. As professor of psychology at Oxford College, Carter delves into the minds of daredevils. He’s found both biological and environmental reasons and says that being a high-sensation seeker has benefits. (But it’s also okay if you’re a scaredy cat.)


Amplifying Indigenous Voices

Portrait of Emil’ Keme

Emil’ Keme, Indigenous scholar and activist, shares the journey from his Maya ancestral lands to his role as a professor of English at Emory. He is reclaiming history by challenging assumptions and bringing an Indigenous perspective to literature, environmental justice, and social movements. Plus, he offers a list of must-reads from Indigenous authors.


Avoiding Holiday Burnout

Portrait of Brandon Smith

Holiday season is here. Along with parties, shopping, and family visits, the end of the year brings added work stress. As a leadership expert, therapist, and adjunct faculty member at Goizueta Business School, Brandon Smith knows a thing or two about creating workplaces that are happy and dysfunction free. To avoid holiday burnout, Smith encourages us to set healthy boundaries, schedule time for reflection and gratitude, and treat urgency like hot sauce: Use it sparingly.


The Future of College Sports

Portrait of Keiko Price

From athletes receiving compensation to schools withdrawing from conferences, college sports are changing. Keiko Price, associate vice president of Campus Life and Clyde Partin Sr. Director of Athletics at Emory, takes a look at how the current state of play will affect the future of college athletics. Plus, Price shares how her experience as a former NCAA Division I athlete helps her improve Emory students’ well-being through sports and recreation.


Bridging Differences through Dialogue

Portrait of Gregory Ellison

Conversations about topics like race, politics, and classism can be difficult. Reverend, social activist, and associate professor at Candler School of Theology Gregory Ellison 99C believes that meaningful conversations can only happen when people feel heard. He shares how we can change the world by focusing on three feet around us.


Is Diversity the Cure for Health Inequity?

Portrait of Jada Bussey-Jones

Jada Bussey-Jones 88C 92M, professor of medicine at Emory, discusses the importance of diversity in medicine to address health disparities. When her grandparents passed away from preventable conditions, she was motivated to become a physician. As a Black woman, she struggled to find her place in academic medicine until she found a mentor. Now she’s creating pathways for students and physicians and ensuring a diverse workforce that better represents the real world.


Transforming the Emory Experience for Autistic Students

Portrait of Matt Segall

Starting college can be a daunting experience. For neurodivergent students, meeting new people, living on their own, and navigating campus can be especially difficult. To ease the transition, Emory developed Emory Oaks, a program that connects autistic students with resources like mentors, academic coaching, and more. Matt Segall, director of Emory Oaks, shares how the program creates a sense of community and belonging for all students.


Creating a Community of Support

Portrait of Rachel Harmon

Rachel Harmon 19G 23G knows firsthand the importance of finding community for autistic students. As a first-generation student with autism, Harmon struggled to find her place at Emory until she tapped into resources the Emory Autism Center offered. Now as a visiting professor at Emory’s Oxford College, she provides valuable insights so more neurodivergent students can have the support they need to thrive.


Understanding the Past for a Better Future

Portrait of Roger Nam

Roger Nam, professor of Biblical studies at Emory’s Candler School of Theology, took an unconventional journey to academia. After studying in South Korea—his parents’ homeland—to become a pastor, he returned to the United States to work in the financial industry. But the calling to pastoral care never left, so he resumed his studies. These experiences inform how he examines ancient text, noting parallels in the Bible to present-day struggles like language, kinship, and identity.


Proudly Celebrating Diversity

Portrait of Danielle Bruce-Steele

For all students to truly flourish, they must feel a sense of belonging and community. As director of Emory’s Office of LGBT Life, Danielle Bruce-Steele is fostering an inclusive culture for gay, trans, and non-binary students. She says that by expanding safe spaces and creating student-centered programming, everyone can feel seen, heard, and supported. And she encourages the Emory community to celebrate our progress while also pushing for more inclusivity.