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Faculty are the heart of Emory University. Everything we accomplish—from world-altering research and artistic expression, to the outstanding liberal arts education that has long defined our university—is powered by our professors. As we look to the future, we need to recruit and retain the most talented and accomplished faculty in the world. A faculty diverse in thought, experience, and background that strengthens our university, and is integral to our eminence today and in the future. That means National Academy members but also extraordinary early- and mid-career faculty who are poised to make pioneering discoveries and transform their disciplines.

One of our biggest needs is to endow faculty positions. In academic terms, that’s the currency for prestige, it’s the currency to make the university run. And we need the ability to attract, keep, and nourish the talent that we have.

— Ravi V. Bellamkonda, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs


Campaign Priority

New Professors, Thanks to New Endowments

In teaching their niche areas of expertise , conducting research, and gaining further prominence in their fields, Emory faculty members are fundamental to both the learning process and our ability to attract new faculty members. Investing in new distinguished professorships across schools means investing in academic rigor and thought leadership that produces top notch graduates ready to deliver meaningful, lasting contributions to society.

One of the most significant philanthropic contributions you can make, endowed professorships enable Emory to recruit and retain the highest-quality faculty members and maintain the university’s prominence. Endowed professorships enhance the student experience schoolwide, increasing academic rigor and the number of co-curricular experiences available to students across disciplines.

Endowed professorships provide research funding to support the work of the faculty members who hold them. In an era of increasingly constricted federal funding, reliable research support is essential to attracting the best faculty. Endowed professorships may be named after the donor or in honor of someone whom the donor specifies.

Campaign Priority

Building our Faculty Bench

We’re always looking to add the highest caliber of teachers and researchers to Emory’s braintrust, and establishing a faculty recruitment pipeline will enable Emory to attract teachers and researchers who are emerging as leaders in their fields.

Our faculty recruitment pipeline wouldn’t just focus on established educators, it would support postdoctoral fellows from underrepresented groups in transitioning to academic roles. Bringing new talents and fresh perspectives into our educational system will further strengthen Emory’s curriculum and better prepare our students for emerging priorities and trends.


Margaret T. McGehee 03G 07G

Associate Dean for Faculty Development
Director of the Oxford Center for Teaching and Scholarship
Associate Professor of English and American Studies
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Campaign Priority

Elevating the Best

An endowed chair held by a faculty member is the single highest honor that can be bestowed by a department on its faculty. Professorships help Emory recruit and support senior-level clinicians, teachers, and researchers, particularly those who have done work of singular importance in their fields. The designation of endowed chair allows senior-level faculty to further their research endeavors, deepen their scholarship, and explore promising medical techniques and treatments as they seek federal funding. Endowed chairs advance a school, department, and area of academic or clinical interest, while honoring both a distinguished faculty member and the individual the chair is named for.


Kelly Wiltse Nicely

Assistant Professor, CRNA Program Director
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