Endowed scholarships help Emory attract bright and passionate students of the highest caliber, regardless of their ability to pay.

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The talented students we seek—future leaders who strengthen the Emory experience—come from all socioeconomic backgrounds. The generosity of endowment donors ensures that they can choose Emory. Endowed scholarships are life-changing investments that minimize education debt for ongoing generations of students, and these gifts release budget funding to strengthen the Emory experience for everyone.

This scholarship allowed me to attend one of the top nursing schools in the nation and to one day give back to my community and show other Black men what is possible. You have truly changed my life.

— Marcus Bryan 21N 22N
Arthur D. Krotz Scholarship Fund


Make a college education accessible to all

Some students face financial challenges that can keep them from earning their degrees. For these students, scholarships often are the deciding factor in their college choice. To ensure greater access to an Emory education, we must offer competitive scholarships to more people experiencing barriers to higher education, including first-generation college students and those from lower-income families. Endowed scholarships at Emory provide opportunities not just for one student, but for entire generations. 

Bridge the gap for students

More endowed scholarships will free up funding to strengthen the student experience, support Emory faculty members, and fuel key programs. A significant gap exists between the $750 million needed for student aid each year and the $305 million that current scholarship endowments provide in income distribution. Scholarship endowment gifts help bridge this gap. 

Create extraordinary alumni

As a private university with a public mission, Emory has a responsibility to build a community of learners that represents the world outside our campus gates. Scholarships allow talented students from all walks of life to receive the benefits of an Emory education. This combination produces extraordinary alumni who contribute in countless ways to communities worldwide. ​​​​​​​

Build a legacy

Endowing a scholarship is a meaningful experience for donors and their families. Scholarship donors join a community of like-minded people who help ensure that all students accepted to Emory receive the financial support needed to complete their degrees. Endowing a scholarship is an opportunity for donors to build a legacy—in perpetuity—for themselves and their families that activates their commitment to education.


Endowment gifts are among the best ways to help Emory students. These gifts are invested for growth, and a portion of the income provides scholarship or fellowship support in perpetuity. Endowment gifts create powerful, lasting legacies.

Endowed Scholarship (Unrestricted)

STARTING AT $100,000

Gifts to unrestricted scholarship endowments support any student who qualifies for an award.

Endowed Scholarship (With Preferences)

STARTING AT $250,000

Preferences for endowed scholarships may include the area of study, geographic location in the United States, or student involvement in activities.

Endowed Student Fellowship

STARTING AT $300,000

Endowed fellowships support students’ academic work, including study, training, and research.